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Snug is a revolutionary brand that understands individual’s needs to create loud and high-quality sounds for a complete experience.  www.xnug.com


To film a behind the scenes video of the branding photo shoot for the music app ‘ZNUG’.


We spent a fun long day filming the shoot ready for the Launch of the Xnug Music App.

  • CEO; Jerry Boyd
  • Photographer; Sarah Johnson,
  • Hair;
  • Make up;
  • Stylist;
  • Model;
  • Video Director; Justina Rosu
  • Camera; Rob

It was a day of hard work and laughter, with everyone getting on a treat.  We set up some tracking shots, some tripod and lots of handheld, the video has been cut as a music montage, very fitting for the content.


2014-04-30 11.20.462014-04-30 12.36.032014-04-30 13.10.522014-04-30 16.01.47

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