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Datumize captures Dark Data from both datacenter software systems and people or devices from the physical world.


Datumize came to us asking for a whiteboard style video that wouldn’t blow their marketing budget.  But to be unique and clear.


In this whiteboard sketch video, not only did we use the recognisable technique intrinsic to this style but we also added some motion graphics to add further interest, and give movement where there was not time to set up the ‘drawn-in’ method.

We also had the images created and drawn specifically for their story, giving us freedom to tell the story in our own way instead of being constrained by library images, which is usually have you achieve a lower budget whiteboard.

Datumize were very happy with the outcome and we are already working on their next video.  You can see the video displayed on their home page here:  http://datumize.com


Datumize home page with their video we produced.


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