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This is our most recent show reel showing off some of out best and fav bits of work.


We love filming food and creating food adverts and we’d like to create more!

While food is our speciality, we in fact make videos for a range of industries, from the Financial sector to SAAS technology companies!



As well as filming your product, we can also create digital signage and animated web banners to help drive your sales.  Shooting food is a specialised skill, with us you can be sure to get the best out of your budget and importantly have an outstanding final product.

Hi, I’m Justina, owner and Producer/Director for the past 25+ years I have been in the TV and Video business, with 16 years of experience at the BBC in news, documentaries and promotions, working in programming as well as, trailers, promotions, creative development and branding.

Purple Square Productions focuses on supporting food, drink and lifestyle brands.  Although, of course, we create videos for all kinds of industries, like finance, software as a service and charities.

Every consumer brand, large and small, needs a video production house like us, we can step in and get all your video needs sorted, from animated digital signage and web banners to corporate messages, influencer videos, re-versioning and viral campaigns, as well as cost effective infomercials.  We are often called on for fast turnaround work so why not make our acquaintance so we are already connected ready for when you need us.

If you think we could be of service to you please email; justina@purplesq.co.uk

No animals were harmed in this shoot

One of our corporate shoots

Yes I really did pull that face

Our Food Economist taking a close look

Oh so tempting

Take 2 (and a few!)

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