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Shenton helps people to strengthen their investment portfolios by offering products that offer significant returns from real estate investments.


This company wanted a video to show to their partners, press and clients and to use to promote the successful launch event evening.  They decided not to have live filming of the event, but instead to have a photographic montage post event created, something we are very good at creating.


Instead of a boring slide show or using a pre made video where your shots are slotted in, we chose to edit a personal and totally unique video for our client.  Choosing some upbeat music we mixed some very fast cuts with slower cuts with motion added.  The chose of images was not great, so we cropped, zoomed and flipped to create the best looking images.  With only a couple of stock shots for the establishing shots.  We needed to quite heavily photoshop a couple of images (see if you can spot them).

The agency we work with gave us some text they wanted to run through the video.  We decided to keep the text on screen throughout since there was so much of it, to keep a consistent look. The opaque lower third background to the text makes it easy to read while not removing the framing of the images.

The client was delighted with the outcome, and you can see this video on their home page, next to the animated explainer video we also produced for them:  www.shentoninternational.com



You can see both our videos on their home page.

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