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A new campaign to increate sugar sales, by focusing on the popular trend of home jam making.


Working with one of our in-house positions within a creative agency to supply this household brand with a 5 part social media video campaign.  To create a catchy ‘on trend’ video campaign to promote their Jam Sugar product as we move into jam making season.  It must be appealing to the audience and easily sharable on social, it must also be compatible for the Instagram square format.


Against an incredibly tight deadlines we worked with the agency on the creative storyboard process for each video.  Each jam was styled and dressed with appropriate props to the look of that jam making process and end presentation where you see the same on a food item.

Two long days filming in a beautiful residential home location, Andy was our lead cameraman, mounting the FS7 on a crane to get the high overhead angle on the table top.  Our hand model did a wonderful job and we had a food economist ensuring the food was just right.  Filming out of sequence so that all the overhead was shot in one go and all the tripod shots were in one go we had to pay close attention to continuity.

We had so much fun the all the stop motion effects, and we are delighted how they have turned out.  We also had fun in the edit with the animated text and bursts, by animating the text as well we add an extra layer of visual interest and entertainment.

The Jam remains the hero and the product it promotes.  The videos are launching weekly through July and August, the first release  ‘summer berry’, after only one week achieved almost 450,000 views on Facebook – a phenomenal success (by November the series is almost 4million hits).  See the rest of the video series below.


Jam shoot, stop motion in action


our food economist setting up the end logo sugar blow effect


yes we are all making a face, we are actually blowing the steam away, and yes that’s me bottom left.


yes gotta get a selfie in somehow, even if it is with a very odd smile 🙂


Andy pulling one of his faces on another jam and food final presentation.


Andy and Dimitri setting up the FS7 camera on the crane.


Dimitri our camera assistant and the Food Economist with the delicate job of removing the sugar stencil for the end logo effect.

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