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One of the agencies we work with regularly came to us with a client due to launch their first mini bond and their first UK financial product.


The company wanted to introduce their company and explain about their financial product in an animated video, also known as an explainer.


We spent about a month working in great detail with the agency and the company to create the right script.  With so much information to communicate in such a short time this is always quite a challenge, and often a hard journey for a client to make.  Of course, this isn’t the first mini bond video we have produced so the subject is one we are quite familiar with.

Originally the style had an almost black dark green background with white and gold text.  However, after delivering the project it was decided that the colour scheme was not quite right, so we flipped the colours for a white background and dark text, and the end video really does look great.

For other advertisement platforms we were required to create a 60 and 30 second version, which you can see below.

This is the first page of the storyboard, it shows you how the video was going to originally look, we think both are great and luckily on this occasion the colour change wasn’t too painful to execute.


The 30 second version:

The 60 second version:

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