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With 17 ponies at their ranch in Surrey countless children come each week to ride them.  They now also send out a new video episode every Wednesday at 4pm when they upload their ponies latest adventures.


To create some promotional material for the launch of ‘Shetland Pony Club TV’ a YouTube channel.  A short feature video for YouTube, a ‘Soon to launch’ and then two full introductory episodes.  To set up the YouTube Channel and give instructional support as they take over filming and editing their own episodes.


This is the exciting first episode of the ‘Shetland Pony Club TV’ series.  In this episode, you are welcomed to the club and learn how it started, who and what they are all about. The first episode is due to be release later  this year.

We filmed all the material over one well organised day.  With children and animals we had to make sure our health and safety and consents were strictly adhered too.

With two cameraman, Andy and Ed, and a drone camera we set about capturing some beautiful footage.  Rosemary, the founder and face/voice of Shetland Pony Club TV was on form, enthusiastic and raring to go.  Just as well since being not too far from the Heathrow corridor we were stopping and starting waiting for airplane noise to subside.  Of course then there was the small matter of keeping to script 😀

In the edit we colour graded a very rustic brownish look, which we feel adds to the charm of this film series.

Glad to say that there were no incidents with children or ponies, just a crew who have fallen in love with Shetlands!

The YouTube Feature Video

The Launch Trailer

The YouTube Channel: screen-shot-2016-11-03-at-11-49-57

The Logo Animation

Episode 2 – Membership

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