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The place to go for adults and children with sleeping problems.


A phycologist came to use with a business he was developing.  He specialises in sleep phycology, and wanted to create a business selling sleep ‘stories’ and hypnosis recordings.

He needed a video to explain what he did and to be a sales tool and information source, he liked whiteboard sketch videos and wanted this style.


We worked with him to create a whiteboard video which explains some of the key points and how he can help through his downloadable meditations, stories and word associations.   The phycologist’s products are audio recordings with his own voice, so we took the script into the studio to record him, we then had two voice actors read the parts of ‘Narrator’ and ‘Stressed Mum’.  In one section we have used an actual recording of a child from a family our psychologist works with, with their permission, of course.

This whiteboard sketch is longer than the regular promotional videos, that is because it is also intended as an educational tool.  From this long form video of almost 14 minutes there are 12 short snippets taken from this all under a minute and each addressing a different topic.

To keep to budget, there are no bespoke illustrations, we have used all library images, the budget went on the duration of animation and the voice artists.

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