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Purple Square Productions is a full service video and advertisement production company.


We work regularly with Brand and Marketing professionals and agency Account Executives.  We research and familiarise ourselves with your brand look, guidelines and audience so we can tune into the mindset of your customers.  We follow consumer trends, particularly in the fast moving food industry and connect with key influencers.


Corporate strategy and direction requires a different set of video output covering internal and external communications.  From CEO’s, CFO’s, HR Managers and Training Managers we are here to help you deliver your message.

  • Influencer videos
  • Social videos
  • Pre-Roll Advertisements
  • Animated Web Banners
  • Re-versioning
  • Animated Digital 6 Sheets
  • TV Advertisements
  • Explainers
  • Infomercials
  • Cinemagraphy
  • Edit Only
  • Crowd Funding Videos
  • Corporate Videos
  • CEO Messages
  • Company History
  • Quarterly and Campaign Reviews
  • Conferences and Awards
  • Training
  • “How To..” Video internal and external

We shoot with the high quality Sony FS7 Camera, broadcast quality, 4K and HD.  This high quality camera will future proof your footage.  For smaller projects we have a range of other cameras.  In addition, we have our own, mini-crane, jib, track and dolly, go pros, 360 cameras and aerial drones, when needed we hire additional specialised equipment, from our regular suppliers.

Our camera crew have experience across the board from documentaries to commercials, studio, location, multi camera and a passion to capture the best footage.

We edit on Adobe Premier Pro, and have a host of additional plug in tools to ensure that your film is completely polished at delivery.


Whether your film requires large cast and crew, multi or a single camera operation, our team can meet your brief.

Whatever the film subject, from INFLUENCER videos to CEO messages and 20 second TV ADVERTISEMENTS, we bring to the table all the production knowledge and experience, plus the ability to drill down into your key message and purpose, so your video is truly productive.


Animated videos have become very popular; so it is even more important to ensure that your video sets itself apart for all the right reasons.  We offer a wide array of animation styles and techniques.

We have a team of highly experienced animators who cover the full field of animation techniques, MOTION GRAPHICS, 2D and 3D ANIMATIONS, FRAME BY FRAME ANIMATION.  While the lines between the tools used and the creative processes and results blur more and more with our team carrying different specialities you never need to worry about the how.

WHITEBOARD SKETCH videos or doodle sketch videos have become incredibly popular in the last few years.  They exploit a unique reveal element, which gives them their compelling appeal.

PAPER animation is becoming a popular and trendy form of animation, likewise STOP MOTION is also seeing a rise in popularity.  The consumer trend to want traditional experiences is set to increase in 2017 these animation forms fit this criteria very well.

Keeping up with technology is an ever evolving task.  This has lead us to add Animated Web BANNERS and ANIMATED POSTERS, like, Digital 6 Sheets to our services and more recently CINEMATOGRAPHY sometimes called a ‘living photography’.

We have recently purchased a 360 degree camera as a new emerging technology.  With virtual reality experiences becoming more commercial we are watching for the inevitable video advertising uptake. Interactive video and portrait videos are other innovations we are currently watching.


We keep ourselves up to date with the technical developments that effect our industry. We look at the potential affect on our clients and how we can absorb and morph our services to reflect a constantly changing landscape.


Regardless of what video you need or which style the video will be, every video has an order of work process.  While this will vary depending on many things, such as animation vs film, they all follow this process, in some degree.

DEVELOPMENT: The invaluable stage of deciding what your video will be, who your audience is, what the message is… taking as much research data into account as possible.

PLANNING: As they say, ‘fail to plan and plan to fail’.  We plan every project however large or small with the same degree of detail.  For broadcast films additional time is factored in for compliance clearance and submissions.

PRODUCTION: This is very different depending on which video style you have decided on i.e. Filming vs Animation, some animation styles still require filming too.

POST-PRODUCTION:  Then seeing the final video coming to life in the edit and having it’s final touches added.

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