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Where have Purple Square Productions been the past year?

We have been super busy, doing new projects, working with new clients and learning new things.

Last year we created the videos for The Great British Back Off sponsors Lyles Golden Syrup.  There was an accompanying video for each week of the show that we broadcast across social media… it was all very hush hush and we weren’t given the information about what each week’s show would be about until the very last possible moment before setting up the shoots.

I have also launched a new business justinarosu.com, this is a personal brand business because I’m passionate about helping small businesses and entrepreneurs to use video in their businesses effectivley.  From filming their own footage with smartphones, webcams or tablets, to editing and then using the video in their business.

Part using video in your business that is one of the most neglected areas is to have ‘discoverable’ video content, and the places they go are on your website, pinterest and YouTube… yes YouTube should now be a part of every business video strategy.

‘6 weeks to launch your YouTube show’ burst onto the scene at the end of last year and so far I’ve had about 40 students go through the programme, it’s a very exciting training to be developing.  I’ve been training with Tim Schmoyer on how to create massive organic growth in YouTube, so expect to see exciting things become the ‘norm’ this year!

I’m adding new consultancy services to how I help people, for video and YouTube strategies.

Last year I also did training in video for social and YouTube at Channel 4, Paramount TV, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon and Channel 5! That was a lot of fun to do, this was through a company called Wetransmute whose team I was delighted to join.

So it’s been a busy time and exciting doing some different things besides video production, but all video.

Andy our cameraman and Sophie our regular editor went off filming some travel vlogs new editor Laura come onto the team and is still with us to help with the edit work load… picture to be added soon!


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